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Anne Bishop - The Others Series #1

One the first very fleeting glance, this might sound familiar: Girl with unique abilities and in trouble meets man who turns into wolf and has the power to protect her somehow.
You're thinking about romance? Kick-ass heroine? Werewolves and Vampires? A world in which the supernatural is hiding?
Here, monsters with a resemblance to wolves turn into men, the unique abilities turn the girl not into a kickass heroine but only into a valuable stolen property and humanity just wishes that the supernatural is hiding and mistrusts them on every turn.

Bishop leaves those used old paths far far behind her.Collapse )

Benedict Jacka - Alex Verus Series #1

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Okay, okay. There are dozens of new writers out their every month in the urban fantasy section. I know. So, what might make this one different?

Answer: A hero who wins through intelligence, a unique world building and one quoteCollapse )


On the off-chance that anyone will ever read this...

This is a community to geek out and write about the books just read. And as a urban fantasy shelf, these books will mainly be in that genre... with the occasional visit into high fantasy, crime, steampunk and whatever graps the fancy of the day.

For myself, I'll probably add a book every 3 to 4 days. The reviews will be mostly about the first books in a series, but I give no guarantee.

If someone wants to recommend books to me, I'm always open for new experiences. :)

Have fun browsing through the reviews and maybe leave one or two yourself.